Saturday, May 3, 2008

Exterior Updates and Color Idea

I took some time on earlier this week to check out some books at Borders for bungalow color, window and other miscellaneous ideas. In one of the books (Bungalow Colors: Exterior by Robert Schweitzer) had exactly what I was looking for colorwise; a page full of color combos! I had my camera with me for this exact thing (and taking photos of other ideas in the books).

A couple weeks ago I did a sketch of the front of the house to play with color, column, door and window options (no railings on it so it'll be easier to play with). Using Seroco paint colors, as found in the book: Light Blue, Green Tint and Pea Green.

I bought a new front door for our house for my mom's (early) birthday present. I found an awesome one on craigslist for $50. i haven't taken a new photo of it yet, but here's the one from the craigslist ad we got it from:

Recently, we put in a brick path on the side yard. Soon to be covering the entire area, although with a pattern change since there's a concrete area further up to the side.

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