Monday, June 11, 2007

Toilet and Progress

The toilet installation in the most recent post? Yeah. That toilet leaked. We changed parts, but nonetheless, it wanted to leak. We found a low-flow Kohler for free on craigslist and that's been working wonderful!

I'm amazed a how spacious the bathroom is feeling now. It felt so cramped before. There's several more inches of space between the toilet and the sink and more space between the bathtub and the sink. It's so nice now.

Progress in the past few days:

• Sink vanity was finally installed after some very tricky, troublesome feats of plumbing!
• More paint
• Mirror cabinet (with lights) was installed
• Fan and night light was installed in the ceiling

In the next few days, we're hoping on installing the base trim around the floor, putting the pretty shelving unit next to the sink after we find some wider outlet panel covers. The shelving that we had behind the door (which I don't think I ever had photos of) needs to go back in. We made them 2 inches shorter, as we decided we liked being able to open the door wider.

And the big thing that we're waiting on STILL is the Swanstone surround coming in. It should have been at our house a couple of days ago, but it's not yet at HomeDepot. They said it'll come in today, and I really hope so. I want to take a shower at home!

UPDATE @ Noon:
It was delivered to HomeDepot this morning, but was so damaged that the manager refused delivery on it. So, we can either wait 2-3 weeks for another one, or change the color to something that's instock at HomeDepot. I want something that's instock! I'm off to look at other color options.


We're a little nervous about the "sawgrass" color of the bathtub surround and how it'll look with everything else in the bathroom. It covers a lot of surface area in the bathroom and we've only looked at a small sample tile, not a large panel of it. So, yeah, we're a little nervous about seeing it, in person, in it's entirety.

We still need to figure out what we'd like to do for the trim around the window.


Fully-functioning switches!

The right side controls the main bathroom lighting, which is located on the mirror cabinet, the left side controls the ceiling fan/night light...

Ceiling fan and night light or "mood light" -- we installed 20w bulbs

The mirrored medicine cabinet that we stained to match the sink vanity and shelving. I was playing with the side mirrors (they both open inward) and didn't close them all the way before I took the photo. We want to find glass that matches the sink and put that on the top of the mirror (pretty and yet it covers/protects the electrical wires for the lighting).

The tiles and grout need to be cleaned thoroughly (the grout isn't white!). The outlet next to the window used to be the switch for the old ceiling fan. The shelving tower goes next to the sink side closest to us.

We still need to find a new mat for the floor, a small magazine rack, toilet paper holder and new garbage can.

We hated having the toilet paper on the wall next to the toilet, it was awkward to reach. We always used a free standing toilet paper holder instead. The magazine rack will most likely be between the sink and the toilet on the wall (as hidden as possible!).

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