Thursday, June 14, 2007


So, following the Swanstone bath surround being damaged and refused on delivery, we wanted to see what would be in stock. The only colors instock for the style we want comes in either white or tahiti desert (pinkish-orange). Yeah, no. Definitely not going with what's instock. Oh, but it would have been so nice if a color we liked was instock! A shower, in our new bathroom woud have been a up to a week away!

We found sample Swanstone tiles at another dealer that we could bring home. We compared sawgrass and seafoam. Seafoam blends in way, way too much. We realized that the sawgrass was the perfect color and "texture" for the room. We had them continue with our original order.

Two-to-three, possibly four weeks until our bathtub surround is delivered, again. Until then, we are definitely going to be wanting showers. Running around in the sun all day? Sweaty! So, we'll be putting up plastic around the bathtub temporarily and putting the fixtures in.

A shower would be so nice right about now.

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