Saturday, May 26, 2007

Bathroom Renovation: Before

We've been talking for quite awhile about ripping out our current main bathroom.

We found mold behind the barely-staying-up tiles in the bathtub. The bathtub would creak when you stepped in. We had a very hideous two-sink vanity that had this unlovely gold detail and muted, beige tinge. We are not gold people, at all. The sink vanity was old and the drawer sliders didn't function or weren't even attached. This, of course, is easily fixed, but frankly, it's a very ugly vanity cabinet.

The light fixture in the bathroom? UGLY. Gold, and a mix of rust and dust. On the ceiling, there's a red heat lamp that we didn't need and a crappy ceiling fan in need of replacing (and proper venting).

So, for the past three weeks we've been collecting up items.
And last weekend we started tearing up and out everything in the bathroom.

Before photos...

Note: We had already taken off the wood framing around the mirror, before photos were taken.

When we moved in we changed the faucets, which fixed a plumbing issue with the sinks.
We found out, while ripping out the bathroom, that there was mold behind in the vanity from old plumbing issues.

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