Saturday, May 26, 2007


Where'd the money come from?

Received $6,500 back from taxes this year! We've been needing to rid ourselves of the mold and icky bathroomness since we moved in, so it was an obvious choice. However, we aren't using ALL of that money for the bathroom. Most of it, yes, but there's definitely going to be some leftover.

Kohler, Sterling ensemble
$222 @ Lowes

Bathtub faucet, drain:
$156 @ Lowes

Bathtub surround:
Swanstone, Metropolitan Collection SSTI-60-3
Color: Sawgrass
$1,086 @ HomeDepot

American Oleun
Color: Canyon Ridge Spruce
$157 @ Bedrosian

Color: Moss, unsanded
$12.50 @ Daltile

Sink, faucet, vanity and shelving cabinet:
Sink color: Green glass
Vanity/shelving: Deep maroonish
$720 @ Koncept Designs, via Craiglist

(We had a little mishap, with breaking the original while ripping out the flooring..)
$50 @ ReUse: San Leandro Leaked, even after replacing parts
Free @

Mirror, cabinet:
$184 @ Lowes

Vent light:
$98 @ Home Depot

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