Saturday, May 26, 2007

Color Choices

We needed to find a way to open up our small bathroom and keep it bright, but we didn't want all white. Almost everything was white in the original bathroom and it was very boring. It had absolutely no style. We want style.

We all really liked green-blues, some darker woody reds and white. And we noticed we liked a mix of lines and curves for the bathroom. The vanity is very square, the handles for the doors are a little curves, the sink is square, yet smooth and the faucet is rounded. Organic meets geometric.

One of the first purchases we made was for the sink vanity and shelving unit. We originally looked at square sinks by Sofia, but really fell in love with the sink we ended up buying. We really liked the green sink.

The tile we chose has some green, grey and some fallow tones. It has a textured, "frosted" detail to it. The tiles were 40% off when we bought them, so we ended up saving a lot.

(In need of washing/cleaning at this point)

Each tile has a different tone to it, and this definitely will help get rid of the plain, boring look that the small white floor tiles had before. We decided to tile the entire floor. In the original bathroom, the sink vanity did not have tile underneath. Our new sink vanity will be sitting on tile and the matching shelving/cabinet that will be next to it has legs, so we'll be able to see the tile beneath it.

For the base moulding around the floor, we picked out colors based off of the color of the tile. We went to Home Depot and played with the interactive Behr color center. We had a piece of our tile with us and had the machine take both a smooth color (one scan sample) and a textured color (three different color samples taken from rotating the tile for the scanner).

To be continued...

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Maryam in Marrakesh said...

It looks like it is going to be very rich and a bit glam. I love green. I am thinking about our bathrooms in Marrakech. We are going to tadelakt the walls - bathrooms will be either anthracite or chocolate. I want to pair it with fresh green towels. I am thinking about basins made of one slab of stone. And I want to put Alan Keohane photos of hammams up. ack...running at the mouth!