Saturday, May 26, 2007


Here's some demolition photos:

Trevor looking crazy...

The longest wall of the bathtub is where we figured most of the mold was. There wasn't as much mold as we originally thought there would be, but the wall came off in chunks like this... not good. There was a lot of mold beneath the bathtub, however. And we found out there was a huge amount of mold in the crawl space (empty space beneath the house) beneath the bathtub. That was bleached back to hell.

The area right behind his head is where we found over 50 old razor blades (as seen in the photo below). The medicine cabinet was housed there and had a little slit for the old blades to go for safe storage.

Except, there wasn't anything to store them in, so they were literally sitting inside the wall.

We made a bleach solution and sprayed all the areas that had mold anywhere near them.

Right sink hookup

Left sink hookup, soon to be only one sink

Tile still on the floor

No more tile. And you can see into the crawl space under the house!

No more toilet

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