Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A few accomplishments

Only a few things were accomplished in the past few days:

• The last of the greenboards were put up (pictured)
• Moss-colored grout was smoothed in
• Fixtures in the tub itself (stopper, drain completed)
• Mudding, sanding on the walls
• Electrical work for the new fan/light

Tonight, the tile was glazed. (Mmm, smelly, noxious fumes...)
Tomorrow is more mudding, and possibly painting.

We found out that the Swanstone was sent from the manufacturer yesterday and will be 7-10 days until it arrives at HomeDepot. We were originally told it would be 7-10 days from the date of ordering, which we ordered several days ago... so, we have a ways to go to be completely set.

We picked out Behr's "Green Tea" paint for the walls. It's a calm green-blue. At this point, we know we want to have orange, red and green in the front rooms (living room and dining room). Most likely blue for the kitchen. The bedrooms, half bath and spare room/office are still undecided. Color!

Green tea will definitely fit in with the bathroom. The new bathtub is insaney comfortable. Our previous bathtub was smaller than normal. We now have 4 more inches in height and I can't remember the width, but it's significantly wider. The water in the tub is a watercolor blue, which I find very cool and relaxing.

We're still undecided what we want to do for the framing of the window.

It would be great if we can find glass identical to the sink and have that as the sill. We could to a mosaic frame. Wood frame. We really don't know yet.

We are, however, planning to create our own shelving above the toilet. Organically-shaped mosaic shelves. Our idea, so far, is that each shelf (most likely 3) will have a different shape. They'll be from the wall to the right of the window to the opposite side of the soon-to-go-in toilet; basically corner shelves.

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Jess said...

Green tea is a good color name. I approve. When you're done with the bathroom, I need you guys to come help paint my place! And you can make a blog about, Lex. =)