Monday, March 10, 2008

Color Idea?

We went to Home Depot yesterday and chose some colors to play with and try out. But, we ended up with pretty much the same color scheme that we used on our last purchased home (a stucco Victorian/Craftman Bungalow).

Pretty similar to the colors we chose.

House Idea. Mind you, the house has wood siding and I didn't put that detail back in.

I added in a railing on the left side of the porch since we're thinking of putting in a stairway on that side.
Also of note is the door. We currently have a blank wood door and we want to find one that has window panes on the top half.
We're thinking of tapered columns and got a quote from a company for an idea of what it will be cost wise.

Window idea detail.

And now back to coming up with more logical ideas. Those colors totally work on our old house, but definitely not on this one. In the mean while, we've got these colors painted on random windows in the backyard in different combos. Need to sand that off, haha.

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