Monday, June 2, 2008


So, it's looking like the 2008 East Bay drought is going to make it so that we're probably not going to be watering our lawns much, front or back this summer. The sprinklers were already having issues awhile back, so they haven't been on anyway. I'd rather they not die completely since it'd look really, really bad. I'll probably try to get them watered once a week or something.

We hate the grass as it is. It's just a bunch of crab grass and it's not all that nice, but looks decent when regularly watered. The drought could be a good excuse for letting it die, haha. Digging it up, rototilling, evening the soil level and reseeding post-drought season might just be awesome.

Not much happening project-wise. I got two kiwi vines (male, female) for my birthday and they were planted in a new planting box in the front. It's located right at the new fence line. When we get around to taking out the current railing columns and replacing them, I'm going to use the curly iron columns as supports for the kiwi vines. They'd actually work pretty perfectly for it, haha.

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