Monday, October 25, 2010

Japanese Gardens

With my new position at the Rotary Nature Center by Lake Merritt, Mondays are now my Sundays. I was thinking of going to the Garin/Dry Creek Native and Exotic Gardens in Hayward today, but in looking up more information it isn't open on Mondays. I'm hoping I'll get to see it at some point, since I've never been there, but my new work days may not let me.

So, since I'd never been to the Japanese Gardens in Hayward, Dan suggested we finally go and grab a slice from Pizza Express for lunch.

It was very quiet and peaceful to walk through. And a perfect day to visit after a very rainy weekend.

Still hoping I'll be able to visit the Native Garden, though. Maybe during a work field trip, since I need to be learning my natives flora in addition to my native fauna.

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