Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Got an Angry Neighbor Letter - Whoo!

We received our first angry letter today from an unknown "neighbor" attacking the "occupants" of our house for having exposed siding on the front of the house and stating that the previous owners kept it in perfect condition (um, yeah, they didn't do anything to update it) and said that we have no pride in our house - hah.

Oh and the inside the house is a mess, too (shame!). Yup, there were a bunch of boxes of candy visible through the windows the last two weeks since 600 bags of Easter candy had to be packaged for the city wide Egg Hunt event on Saturday!

Yup, we've got a few exposed boards. We needed to replace the floor-to-ceiling windows with shorter ones and had to install new siding boards. And we're in the process of scraping, sanding and painting the whole house (so the boards didn't get painted yet). AND it's rainy season, so not much happening at the moment in Scrape-N-Paint-Town. I don't think this person even noticed why the boards were showing; fancy new windows. Yup, the house isn't being destroyed - it's being fixed!

We're kinda pissed, but I also find it a little amusing since they have no idea how much work we've but into the house (inside and out and what we're planning on doing) and they probably haven't personally put work into their own house since they don't know that rain makes it a bit hard to scrape the house and that proper painting can't happen in the rain.

Our house has had exposed siding for a few weeks (it started raining as we finished installing the windows, so no new progress) and other neighboring houses have had exposed boards for much longer as they were in the process of repairing, scraping and painting as well. Nice to know that the "neighbor" doesn't notice very much about their neighborhood.

I imagine when we finish all the exterior updates this "neighbor" will think it's because they yelled at us anonymously in a letter and will write to someone else.

We were already planning on scraping the house a bit during Spring Break next week if it was sunny out. Maybe we'll see an angry lady attempting to shame us with her beady for-shame eyes?

I'll scan the letter one of these days and post it on here. It's pretty funny how rabid they are in it. I really want to frame it. It'll be hilarious to look at when the house is finally done being painted and when our front landscaping is done at some point in the next few months.


Anonymous said...

If it fits, maybe you should put it up on passive aggressive notes. Share and share alike...


Gene said...

You're providing a great service. Some people are happiest when they have something to be unhappy and complain about :-)

Alexa said...

Anonymous: I'll definitely think about putting it on there.

Gene: Haha, so true. That's a good thing to remember. :)