Sunday, February 14, 2010

Replaced Old Windows

Alright, now that we have a big update to post...

We'd been planning on replacing the two front-facing windows. The house was built with floor-to-almost-ceiling windows on the front of the house, which were a little weird as the windows they were essential just two panes (one glass, one plastic) with a small wood wedge inbetween. Not really windows, not really attractive, not really sealed well, and not really nice to look through.

So, we called in our handyman Mike Ratto to help us put in our new Jeld-Wen vinyl prairie, energy efficient, windows. We were able to purchase higher rated windows since they were eligible for the EnergyStar Federal Tax Credit of 30% of their cost. Awesome.

Yesterday, one of our neighbors recalled why the outside pane was made of plastic. Apparently, a previous owner (not the last, but the one before them) was sitting in the dining room when someone threw a brick through the glass window, nearly hit him in the head, and broke his table. It was then that he replaced the panes in the windows with glass on the inside and plastic on the outside. Totally crazy.

Living Room

Dining Room

Original Floor-to-Almost-Ceiling Window Style (Living Room)
Mmm, foggy.

Old Window Removed (Inside Dining Room)

Old Window Gone (Outside Dining Room)

New Window Box Support Frame (Dining Room)

New Window IN! (DRoom)

New Window

Boarded up and waiting to get scraped and painted (and finish the trim on the dining room).
Not able to put in new redwood boards, so the areas under the two new windows are the only non-redwood siding boards on the house.

Textured Wall

Painted wall... and dirty floor.

And now the house is waiting for us to scrape and paint the rest of it. We had a scraping and painting party last summer for the back of the house.

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