Thursday, December 11, 2008

Post-It from the POs

The Previous Owners of our home had a particular habit of leaving Post-It Notes on and inside everything possible. We kept the Post-It Note on the switch to the motion-sensor lights outside (which says something to the effect of: "Always Keep On!") but that's the only one that's stuck and stayed. It's been a few years since we've come across a new one, but this one popped up in November when a smoke and carbon monoxide detector's battery ran out. We bought the house at the end of 2004 so it lasted a couple of years:

Now, it's definitely a good idea to mark down the date and all, but the fact that everything was labeled in this house is a little weird, but funny. A weird, but not funny, thing that they did, though, was paving over the curb/sidewalk grass area. We're the only house on the block with it paved over. Not only were they obsessive about safety Post-It's on everything, they didn't want grass or flowers?

I'll update on cleaning, and me and the boy moving into and fixing up the studio at the back of the property and a photo update on the patio.

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