Sunday, September 12, 2010

Porch Work + Door Set

A few weeks ago (right at the end of summer camps and the first weekend post-running summer camps for two of us), the black-eyed susan vines were cut down off the porch. I'd been waiting for that weekend to cut them down and Trevor had the same idea since I came home on that Thursday to half of it gone and the next day it was all gone.

We cleaned off the porch and visited Home Depot to get some trim supplies. When we removed the floor-to-ceiling windows in the beginning of the year, we were so busy with things that we hadn't installed new trim at the base of the porch to replace where the old window trim met the porch floor. We installed that and scraped the window there and primed it.

I have some photots, but it doesn't look like much (over than the vines being gone. Michelle completely forgot what the porch looked like without the vines and hadn't realized how much space we were missing because of the vines.

Hopefully, we can get some time in the next couple of weeks to scrap, sand and prime some more of the house.

We also decided to change the red we were thinking for the exterior window trim. Something darker and more red than the one we were originally thinking.

Also, I picked up a Kwikset front door set from the Home Depot clearance section a couple months back for about $40 (I think?) instead of $160. Definitely looks better with a matching set on the door!

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